Global Green Solutions International, LLC
951 W. Morris Street
Indianapolis, IN 46221
Phone : 317-559-0775
Fax :     866-986-2937
  Global Green Solutions of Indiana LLC and Global Green Solutions International LLC provides planning assistance, technical and educational assistance, monitors, measures, documents and publicizes results of waste management efforts during construction and demolition projects.

Specifically, we can:
Providing draft construction, demolition waste reuse, recycling specifications and develop construction waste recycling language for contractor contracts
Write and review bids for trash and recycling collection
Provide a Pre-demolition Reuse and Recycling Waste Assessment walk through to identify what can be recycled, reused and what market values are currently
Develop a construction or demolition waste management plan (required for LEED)
Provide technical assistance, market information, and research support
Instruct to educate contractor employees and subcontractors about their role in recycling
Conduct waste audits, monitor program including interviewing job site crews, checking for unsorted materials in recycling, trash containers and correcting problems
Facilitating proper placement, timing, labeling of trash and recycling dumpsters
Document construction waste management results (required for LEED).
Document and calculate the types of quantities by weight, volume of trash and recyclables
Complete final construction waste management evaluation report

Benefits of Services:

Cost Savings savings in disposal costs.

Environmental Savings - By recycling and reusing, projects saves the environmental and financial resources. For example, one construction recycling project saved 526.6 tons of construction waste, equivalent to 3,257 trees, 42 tons of coal, enough electricity to power a home for eight years, and fertilizer for 50 acres of land.
Smooth-Running Recycling Program -  We ensure that the recycling program runs smoothly, contractors and subcontractors understand the program that it is efficient for them.
Increased Reuse and Recycling - Contact markets for unusual reusable and recyclable materials.
Cleaner Work Site - Clients note that because they are paying attention to separating their debris, the work site stays cleaner and there are fewer safety hazards.
Positive Public Relations - Nationally projects that have recycled have received local, state and national publicity on television, radio, newspapers, in trade publications, and spoken at national conferences about their work recovering materials from the construction and demolition waste stream.