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Why Recycle? Cost savings.

An integrated approach to recycling and waste reduction can provide appreciable cost savings to businesses. Initial costs to get the service "up and running" will, in the long run, be offset by reduced trash disposal fees and less waste creation. Such a visible commitment to the environment will also result in intangible benefits to employee morale and your company's public perception.

Start-up costs, which in many cases are covered by the monthly charge paid to a service provider, can include the purchase or leasing of recyclables storage containers, container signage and employee education literature, and the cost of transporting recyclable materials to an off-site processing facility. These are the same costs one would expect when contracting for trash disposal service. Recycling at its simplest is transferring material out of the waste stream and giving that material new life to be re-used or re-manufactured into new products. Thus, as the volume of trash generated decreases, a company's associated cost of disposing of that trash will also decrease.

The bottom line: A business recycling and waste reduction program can be cost effective if it is carefully planned and coordinated with your employees. While this may appear to be a daunting task, numerous resources exist to assist with the development of an efficient program with achievable goals.

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